About Mayte

Mayte (my-teh) Alquicira was born and raised in Mexico where her curiosity for art started. She then studied Arts and Culture in Rome and is currently living in Dallas. Passionate about art and businesses she has developed professionally in the arts and culture sphere through her art practice and in business through her job at one of the biggest movie theater companies in the world.

This project is all about a determination to set her life purpose to make art part of our daily lives. 

Art Portfolio
  • Academics

    Master in Arts & Management, Rome Business School, Italy.

    MOMA Abstract Expressionism diploma.

    Bachelor in International Relations and Trade- Mexico

  • Exhibitions

    2022. Galería Azur. Madrid, Spain

    2021. Nina Berenato. Austin, United States

    2019. Industrious . Dallas, United States

    2018. The Carmen. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

    2017. Villa Giulia . Rome, Italy

    2016 . ORIGO . Morelia, Mexico

  • Press

    2022. House & Garden, Condé Nast

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