About Mayte

b. 1991 Mexico City, Mexico | Lives and works in Dallas, TX

Hi, I'm Mayte (my-teh) Alquicira! I was born and raised in Mexico where my curiosity for art started. I was very lucky to be surrounded by a mix of cultures and traditions but all of them had something in common: color, which is what I'm most attracted to.

I then studied Arts and Culture in Rome which was one of the most nurturing experiences for my soul. Through my senses, I was able to experience the blurred line between the traditional past and the current modernism.

I currently live in Dallas where I spread my time between my art business, my yoga practice and my 9-5 job. I'm passionate about creativity and planning and I'm so lucky to be able to develop both skills on a daily basis.

Welcome to my world! This project is all about enhancing my determination and life purpose to making art part of our daily lives. 

Art Portfolio


Brain storms happen throughout the day to all of us. Some are beautiful tropical storms that ignite us with the power of electricity to come up with new dreams and ideas. Others are grey, scary and make us feel like we're falling into the void of despair. The constant between our neuron connections is change, and we have the power to create new ones anytime we want.

My art is the translation of brain events going inside of my mind. The canvas is the medium that helps me to commute from storm to storm in a graceful way and to give me back the power to create new neuron connections on command.

  • Academics

    Master in Arts & Management, Rome Business School, Italy.

    MOMA Abstract Expressionism diploma.

    Bachelor in International Relations and Trade- Mexico

  • Exhibitions

    2022. Galería Azur. Madrid, Spain

    2021. Nina Berenato. Austin, United States

    2019. Industrious . Dallas, United States

    2018. The Carmen. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

    2017. Villa Giulia . Rome, Italy

    2016 . ORIGO . Morelia, Mexico

  • Press

    2022. She Makes Podcast, Pivoting in Business

    2022. House & Garden, Condé Nast.

    2021. The Wine & Chisme Podcast, Latin American owned businesses

    2020. Voyage Dallas, Local Artists.

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