Where Are The Women Artists?

Where Are The Women Artists?

Any female artist knows the challenges of self promoting while at the same time partnering with organizations and institutions that we share views and values with.

But what happens when we find that perfect potential partnership? Well, a lot of times it is very difficult (almost impossible) to do so if our careers and/or body of work do not comply with a list of specifications. We all know it is part of the process and we experience amazing feelings once we get the opportunity. But why not enhancing our self promotion at the same time?

Well, I just found the perfect option for us with an organization that I believe we all share views and values with.

Did you know:

  • Out of 18 prominent art museums in the U.S. with over 10,000 artists 87% are male, and 85% are white.
  • Just 8% of public art in central London was created by women.
  • Only 13.7% of living artists represented by galleries in Europe and North America are women  
  • Of the hundred most expensive works ever sold, none are by a woman. 

Where Are The Women Artists (WATWA) is an open directory and database for all women artists and art world professionals (yes! you can apply here!)

This platform brings an amazing opportunity for all female artist to share their creations and be discovered not only in their city or country but ALL around the world.

We as females artists have the biggest responsibility to promote our artworks among our communities and to share opportunities we can all partake on. There's a lot of room for women in the art world to participate, there's enough room for all of us.

Let's keep on working, keep on creating and keep on lifting each other.