My Art in Milan, Fuerteventura and the Metaverse

My Art In The Metaverse!

I can't believe it! This time I really did come out of my comfort zone. I had the opportunity to have one of my favorite art pieces (About Chaos and Creation) being exhibited at, hear this out: Milan, Italy + Fuerteventura, Spain and the Metaverse! All at the same time,


The innovative gallery is M.A.D.S Gallery which is representing my while this exhibition lasts. How did they do it? With an approach to technology:

  1. They accepted digital art but in my case I submitted a large canvas painting that I then digitalized with a high resolution camera.
  2. Each physical art gallery has sets of touchscreen TVs placed around the gallery space. People can then go around interacting with the digital art pieces by zooming in and out to appreciate even the smallest details and brushstrokes.
  3. All these digital pieces were then added to the Madsverse (which is a special place for art in the Metaverse) reaching people, quite literally, all around the world.

Take a look at their gallery website and the Madsverse to discover art from all styles and nationalities and immerse yourself in this innovative art experience!

 This is how my artwork looks like:

About Chaos and Creations in digital exhibition at Milan, Fuerteventura and the Metaverse



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