House& Garden Feb. 2022 Edition

House& Garden Feb. 2022 Edition

It's here! Hard work + passion pay off. ALWAYS.

There has been times (more than I would like to admit) when I question myself and what I'm doing to achieve my goals; am I doing too little? am I doing too much but wrongly assigning my time to tasks? I'm a lacking strategy?

The truth is I love planing, executing and indulging myself in the sweet waters of success, but I do so very little because I normally lack the ability of enjoying and CELEBRATING the so called "small victories". Those moments that happen in our daily lives and that may go unnoticed. 

I think I might change the name from "small victories" to "snack of success". The entrée, like in a meal, preparing me for the main dish. Today, I got the opportunity to work on this year's main goal: being present. And to celebrate a "snack of success".

Some of my art pieces have been selected to be part of the next 3 editions of House & Garden magazine by Condé Nast as part of their Art Edit. I'm also part of their special online H&G Shops: Art.

Not even in my wildest dreams or insomnia nights of dreaming awake, ever imagined my artworks will be part of an international magazine. This opportunity to share my creations with the world won't go unnoticed. I will celebrate this moment and swim on the sweet waters of success. At least for today.

As with any milestone, I thank YOU. For following my art journey, for interacting with my content and for allowing me to bring inspiration with art to your daily lives.

I dedicate my participation on this edition to my mom, dad, brothers (yes Diego, you are my brother from another mother). You were the first ones to know that I was leaving EVERYTHING to pursue my art dreams in Rome and your first reaction was telling me: DO IT. Forever my art success is dedicated to you.

Enjoy February's magazine and indulge yourself in their beautiful and inspiring spaces they have carefully curated for us.

Don't forget to enjoy your "snacks of success" EVERYDAY. See on the next blog post!

House & Garden Feb. 2022 Edition

House & Garden Feb. 2022 Edition