Earthy Artworks: Amelia Earhart's Collection

Earthy Artworks: Amelia Earhart's Collection

I always find inspiration in books and "I Was Amelia Earhart" by Jane Mendelsohn was no exception.

I Was Amelia Earhart book by Jane Mendelsohn

Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928. Can you imagine the bravery and all the mixed emotions and thought going through her mind while adventuring into the unknown? Definitely the kind of story I needed to hear back in 2020 when uncertainty was still being served for breakfast.

As soon as I was reading the book I was already painting images in my mind that evolved into this art collection.

Amelia Earhart's legacy reaches our souls when we acknowledge the courage she had to set goals that nobody thought possible during a time where economic and political turmoil prevailed.


Amelia Earhart' collection is divided into into 3 categories that are amazing to Mix & Match! On this blog, we'll be talking about the artworks that were inspired on earthy colors, just like the ones Amelia must've been looking at from her airplane window and wondering how the next destination will look like.

I hope that these artworks remind you that all dreams and goals start on earth, where we get ready a plan how we'll reach to the sky. Enjoy these art pieces!


Artworks with earth colors representing our dreams and goals.

Explore Earth 1

Giving us Fall vibes! Loving those black and green accents!

Earth 1: artwork part of Amelia Earhart's collection

Explore Earth 2

These vibrant colors, gold and red, are perfect to see each morning before we got chase our goals!

Earth 2: artwork part of Amelia Earhart's collection


Earth 3
The perfect combination of earth, a dreamy sky and a powerful ocean.
 Earth 3: artwork part of Amelia Earhart's art collection

*This collection was made in November-December 2020.


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