A Highly Dynamic World

A Highly Dynamic World

Our destinations shouldn't be seen as flat but rather as dynamic stations that will vibrate as we navigate them. But my oh my how challenging that is sometimes. Just as life, this canvas is not static and aims to vibrate along with the spectator.

Horizonte, a dynamic painting portraying life full of blue and gold


I created this canvas back in 2019, my first year living in Dallas after coming back from Rome. It was exciting but confusing at the same time. I loved my new life, but at the same time missed my previous one. A dichotomy we all live, maybe even on daily basis.

On this artwork, the spectator can see my inner work reflecting on the powerful and motion lines going up, and down just like any change in life feels like. But we have to always remember to find our center, that HORIZONTAL like that keeps us in a place of peace and freedom to keep evolving.

I hope you enjoy this artwork! If you already have some art pieces and are trying to increase your art collection check out all the Art Enthusiast collection here 


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